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What Sets Us Apart

Our well-structured, value-added investment strategy aims to provide investors with significant high total returns, which is a mix of current cash distribution and potential appreciation. We achieve this via renovation, repositioning, re-leasing, as well as recapitalization. We look for properties with operational defficiencies and lack of CAPEX program.

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Our Mission

To identify appropriate opportunities to enhance our residents’ quality of life. We prioritize tenant retention, customer service and outstanding service. Our priority is to provide our residents with the highest living standard while protecting, building and increasing our investor’s capital.

Our Team

DIJ prides itself with vetted professionals who will provide you seamless asset management solutions in the most transparent manner. We work in a methodical manner, on a plan that is based on very clear-cut and measurable objectives. The aim is to enhance the aesthetics of the property, its operating margin as well as the retention rate.

Genaro Díaz

Partner & CEO

Mr. Diaz oversees the originations, acquisitions and operations of DIJ’s portfolio. He is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience...

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Gerald Jorge


Mr. Jorge oversees underwriting of new acquisitions for Nova Eagle. Mr. Jorge has more than 17 years of experience in finance and investments.

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Francisco Lozano

VP investor relations

Mr. Francisco is responsible for developing and delivering a communications plan that will help to achieve the company's vision and strategy...

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Evika Díaz


Oversees operations and is responsible for general property management and financial reporting. Ms. Diaz has more than 10 years of experience...

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Andres Aparicio

Director of Operations

Mr. Aparicio manages day-to-day operations where he is responsible for process implementation and overseeing property management.

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Karl Trochu

Director of Risk Management

Mr. Trochu oversees the legal matters for all properties including contracts, due diligence and property taxes. He has over 17 years ...

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Wirlenys Quintero

Director of Marketing

Ms. Quintero is responsible for the development of marketing, sales, product development and digital advertising. She has over 7 years...

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Ana Maria Trigueros

Director of Purchasing

Ms. Trigueros is responsible for corporate purchases supplying materials, articles and services to the different properties on our property portfolio...

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Abraham Ceballos

Senior Financial Analyst

Mr. Ceballos is responsible for underwriting new acquisitions. Prior to joining DIJ Properties, Mr. Ceballos worked...

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Leticia Diaz

Customer Service Coordinator

As the person responsible of Customer Services, Ms. DIaz interacts with tenants to provide and process information in response to questions...

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Evelyn Santiago

Account Payable Specialist

Ms. Santiago oversees the accounts payable and accounts receivable processing for all portfolio properties of Nova Eagle.

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Ana Paula Diaz

Collection Specialist

Ms. Diaz is responsible for making outbound collection calls in a professional manner while keeping and improving customer relations...

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