Landlord Tennant relationships do not have to be troublesome

Landlord Tennant relationships do not have to be troublesome

Property managers are here to help you not make your life difficult. At Nova Eagle Communities, we want to get off on the right foot with every tenant so here are 14 things you should know that will make and keep everyone happy.

1. Pay your rent on time.  This is perhaps the most obvious part of being a tenant but many tenants don’t make their rent payment the first day of each month preferring instead to pay their other bills and scrape together the rent at the last minute or later than the due date. Paying on time keeps your property manager on your side. Late rentals incur costs for the landlord and these feels will be passed on in penalties.

2. Rudeness never solves anything. There is never an excuse to be rude or obnoxious, remaining calm and relaxed may not be easy but don’t let a temper get the better of you. Politeness gets things sorted out better and faster and keeps the relationship between tenant and property managers happy.

3. Follow instructions, even if they seem a little extreme. Property managers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your property. If your agent tells you or informs you of a very cold night ahead and asks you to close your faucet always take note. It may seem obvious but very often people don’t know about weather extremes and pipes freeze. If you have been informed of something there is a reason, take note and double check. Nova Eagle uses an excellent automated text system that notifies tenants of any situations arising that concern certain properties. We strongly advise our tenants to ensure their numbers and details are up to date.

4. Be our eyes and ears.  If something is broken or problematic let us know. Forewarned is forearmed is a good policy to follow. Nova Eagle has a dedicated customer service number (786) 953 7486 ext. 100 that helps you inform us of items that need repair or problems in your property. Alternatively our tenants may email us

5. Tell us what really happened. Very often tenants don’t tell the truth about a situation. Either they are ashamed or embarrassed or in some cases they just don’t want to accept the blame. If Johnny has flushed his Ninja Turtle down the toilet tell us the truth, it will save time and will save money. At Nova Eagle, we can assure you that you are not the first person to have something crazy happen to them, we have many stories to tell.

6. We are not psychic. Please leave a message when you call and we cannot answer. Leaving a message makes our lives and great deal easier and we will always respond as soon as we can. Nova Eagle has no psychic ability and we have put a number of contact methods in place such as text, email and directly via our website to help you.

7. We are busy but not ignoring you. We have a growing number of tenants and properties to look after. For this reason we may not be able to get to you first as your issue may be non-urgent or other matters may take priority. We will, however ensure you are responded to as soon as we possibly can. Revert to point 2 if you find yourself getting annoyed.

8. Talk to us. At Nova Eagle Communities we are not just landlords and managers, we are people. We understand that things happen such as losing a job or a roommate decides to just walk out for no reason. We know things happen and all we ask is that you talk to us. Giving us the heads up will make your life easier and will certainly avoid making matters worse.

9. Look after your property. Simple maintenance and just general cleanliness can prevent problems and does play an important part in managing your property. Treat the property you live in with the same levels of respect as you would treat it if you owned it.

10. Work with us to help things along. Keeping to times, ensuring we have access when we need or communicating a better time for access for any reason always makes life easier. We appreciate your busy lifestyle and likewise as a landlord we are equally busy. Having respect and simply communicating really strengthens a relationship between landlord and tenant.

11. We can be trusted. We would not be the company we are if our staff and teams could not be trusted. We won’t steal your stuff when we access your property. When we do require access we firstly have a real reason for needing access and secondly we will inform you.

12. Stick to the rules of your lease agreement Your lease agreement is a legal document and contains rules that as a tenant you are expected to adhere to. If there are some rules you need explaining or some you are not happy with talk to us and we will assist you as best we can.

13. Don’t be the bad neighbour. As a tenant you are expected to respect your neighbours and loud parties for example in the middle of the week may not be tolerated by those living next door or close by. Think how you would feel if someone kept you awake all night when had an early start the next day.

14. Get to know your property manager. This is something many tenants never get the chance to do. Nova Eagle loves to hear from tenants and having an open relationship with a landlord or property manager can make the tenancy a truly happy partnership.

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