Pets, Pooches and Property Management

Pets, Pooches and Property Management

There is an ever-growing number of pet owners throughout the US and this has come under the spotlight with The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Many of the rules and regulations that concern pet ownership in rented property are common sense. There are certain rules for Service, companion or emotional support animals that can mean they can be allowed in properties that have tight no pet policies, but for the majority the rules and regulations apply to properties where pets are allowed.

Nova Eagle is up to date the HUD rules, regulations and guidelines and does charge a fee for tenants who own  pets. The pet ownership clause in the majority of cases stipulates that dogs, especially, must weigh 25 pounds or less and should be a non-aggressive breed. Over and above this in line with the regulations and HUD guidelines, the clause places much of the onus of responsibility on the tenant with regards to ownership.

At Nova Eagle, tenants are asked to take responsibility for their dog. The animal can be allowed to roam free in an enclosed garden that may be part of the property but at all other times the dog must be kept under control. Excessive barking is another concern that arises with dog ownership, keeping a dog locked up all day in a small apartment while the owner is out to work can lead to this and other issues. Many of the staff at Nova Eagle are dog owners and the welfare of the dogs is as much a concern to us as it is to our tenants.

Nova Eagle welcome pets however, we must take requirements of owners and some apartment blocks or complexes into consideration.  The rules surrounding pets and dogs especially are very clear and again it should be noted that much of them are common sense. If an animal is continuously barking or causing damage every tenant is within their right to report this. Even if you are looking after a dog for a few days please inform your property manager. As with most things around property management and tenancy, communication is important and can make life a great deal easier for all parties.

If you have any specific questions around renting a property and pet ownership contact Nova Eagle and our professional and experienced team will gladly assist.

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