Property Management

Property Management

Property management covers a lot of different aspects. Many things can go wrong, from issues with plumbing to inaccurate accounting. Any mistakes or inefficiencies will have a direct impact on the property’s return on investment. Choosing a professional firm to handle the various aspects of property management is essential for a profitable property. But how can investors be sure that the company is doing their job properly? How can investors have access to all the information they need to assess the health of their company? And how can they ensure that the information they receive is accurate and up to date?

At Nova Eagle, we rely on the latest technology to give our investors the greatest luxury: their peace of mind. With the right software, monthly reporting on each property’s performance, and robust information security, our investors know they can trust us.

Property Performance Quarterly Reporting

What will you find in your quarterly property performance report? DIJ properties’ (parent company of Nova Eagle) performance reports feature full disclosure on all the issues that affect your property’s financial health, including:

– Operational Activities – Here you will find all the information related to any maintenance issues, construction issues, tenant relations, leasing, and any other relevant operational activities.

– Income Statement Month by Month – The income statement allows investors to observe cash trends over a period of time, in order to identify which months are the most successful and have a frame of reference for the current report. Here you will find the total revenues collected, as well as any expenses for operating and non-operating activities.

– Cash Flow Statement – The cash flow statement provides data on all cash inflows and cash outflows over a given period. This is summarized with a beginning balance, ending balance, and difference.

– Aged Delinquency – Aged delinquency shows current outstanding balances for all tenants, in other words, all rent that is owed to the company.

– Total CAPEX program – detailed report on how the CAPEX budget is spent and how it enhances your return on investment.

– Repositioning program – detailed report on how many units have been renovated and how it enhances the property value.

– Property Value forecast – Quarter to quarter forecast of property value.

– Quarter to Quarter P&L Comparison – Updated caparisons on financial data

– Pictures of most updated renovations

At Nova Eagle, providing accurate information on your property at a glance is only one of the many ways we offer our investors world-class service. Our tried and tested processes reflect our uncompromising commitment to our core values: clarity, transparency, and accuracy.


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